Baba Yaga, perhaps the most loved/feared/respected/discussed witch in fantasy gaming history is back!  Fourth Edition fanatics need to check it out!  As noted in the pdf, the statistics for Baba Yaga’s fence are available on this site only…..

Baba Yaga’s Fence

(Terrain) – The fence occupies squares of the GM’s choosing (normally a large circle totally encompassing her hut)

The fence is comprised of stakes with skulls atop them.

Effect:  The fence is partially blocking terrain (any tiny creature can move through it as if it were difficult terrain)  It blocks movement (for small or larger than small creatures) but allows line of sight and line of effect.  If a living creature ends its turn adjacent to the fence it takes 5 necrotic damage/tier.  Baba Yaga and her undead minions are unaffected.

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