Monstrous Garage

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WCP’s Monstrous Garage is finally available! Grab this book and be ready to jump into the garage. Hack off a claw, add some teeth, modify an aura and make literally dozens of possible 4E creature creations all from the same stat block. Each monster in this book gets the “garage treatment”. Use the generic stat block or bolt on extra attacks and features for increased danger and fun!

One stat block now equals nearly limitless options. WCP’s Monstrous Garage Vol.1 contains six creatures from level 3 to level 13 from flying fungus to a tar-coated drake. This book also includes frequently asked questions and a behind-the-scenes section of design notes to help you use the monstrous garage techniques on your own creations or other published foes. Each creature is fully illustrated by top industry talents and the cover was exclusively created for this project by Sweden’s Daniel Olsen.

If you are somehow still on the fence about this terrific monster tome then check out “Tentacled Terrors” for a simplified and free version of what takes place in the garage!

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