Malicious Moths

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Malicious Moths brings truly monstrous moths to life for 4E. Why moths? They fly. They’re versatile. Most importantly…they are unexpected!

Inside you’ll find:

• The wicker moth – a clever construct ready to be used by assassins. Filled with poison, this mindless construct delivers death on a wing.

• The orchard moth swarm and bell tower moths are the bane of farms and villages. Watch as sleepy villages become the victims of “B-movie” monsters with “A-level” fun!

• The Mothman of the Lost Bridge is based on the real-world cryptid “The Mothman of Point Pleasant”. This sixth level solo controller has mind-controlling effects, curses, and even the ability to bend time to his will.

• The shadowrift moth dances the line between the real world and the shadow world. The shadowrift is beautiful to behold but deadly to touch.

• The massive faunus moth (which is our cover moth) is a huge fey beast that sweeps above jungle canopies. Worshipped by some forest-dwelling races, the faunus is a solo threat for a party nearing the end of heroic tier.

Six fully-detailed, freshly-illustrated heroic level threats for 4E are waiting to take flight into your campaign!

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