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Too often city adventures degenerate into the same old thing….trip to the general store, get some rope, maybe encounter a pick-pocket….yawn…. Armed with City Slices a GM can make the city come alive! City Slices I focuses on the bustling fun of a marketplace and includes tons of items to buy, npcs, skill challenges, poisons, a new weapon (two-weapon  rangers are gonna love it!), food vendors, and tons more! The fluff can be used in any fantasy rpg but 4e D&D fanatics will get the most mileage out of this product. There’s a reason this product is a best-seller on RPGNow.

Here’s what Neuroglyph Games has to say, “The writing is inventive and descriptive, but is designed generically enough to allow Dungeon Masters to mold it neatly into their own  campaign style. And given the amount of material provided for the price, City Slices I: Marketplace Fun is worth taking a look at as an inexpensive and amusing supplement for a DM’s virtual bookshelf.”

Here’s what Game Knight Reviews has to say, “…though the book is written with 4e in mind, I suspect with little or no tweaking an enterprising GM can use 90% of what’s in the book.” The summary is this, “…quite a selection of juicy tidbits to flesh out and excite the most boring of marketplaces. Even if you don’t use the people or places directly, there’s plenty of material to spur you on to creating your own unique stalls, vendors, and items in the marketplace of your choice.”

Here’s what Featured Reviewer Christopher Heard of RPGNow has to say, “…The twelve unusual market stalls are probably my favorite part of the product; they introduce interesting NPCs and do a lot of work for the DM. The author provides further adventure hooks for these, as well as for the seven food vendors. I could easily imagine myself using material from this product.”

The entire product has headers, footers, a hyperlinked table of contents, index, and loads of illustrations to make navigation a breeze and reading enjoyable!

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