Plate Mail to go?

Check this out for the next time your PC needs to carry plate mail without actually using it.

Escape Velocity Gaming presents the PLATE PACK by William C. Pfaff

This item isn’t for everybody.
1) Does your GameMaster make you maintain some semblance of encumbrance rules?
2) Do civilized communities look askance at murder hobos walking around in full plate armor?
If you’re playing a fantasy RPG and answered yes to the above questions, then your PC might benefit mightily from the plate pack!

The plate pack gives your character the ability to:
a) carry an extra suit of plate mail b) carry it in relative quiet and c) not be so darn obvious.

A plate pack is essentially a backpack with quick release straps and ties and padding between the individual pieces of plate. It allows the fighter types to wear leather greaves and perhaps a chain shirt under a thick jerkin and look “normal” in public while still keeping a suit of extra protection close at hand. Or if a thief wishes to wear a “town guard” disguise suit of plate mail, they can then stow it away in the pack to use again on the way back out of the castle once their “stealthy mission parts” are complete. In RPGS where low-level wizards can wear armor but just suffer from a chance of spell failure, keep one of these packs on hand and once they are out of spells, just suit up in the armor and wade into combat with their staff. From a realism standpoint- while a PC may be able to physically carry the weight of a full suit of platemail- some GM’s may demand a reasonable explanation as to how it’s being carried…the plate pack to the rescue!
Since the plate pack is designed for use in any RPG game system, GM’s will have to determine exact crunch but these are my numerical recommendations.
 A suit of Pack Plate costs 25% more than standard plate mail.
 A suit of Pack Plate provides 1 point worse protection than standard plate mail.
 Due to the padded pack that keeps the plates from clinking together there should be no penalty to someone carrying a correctly packed suit on stealth/move silently type rolls and checks.
 Because the Pack Plate has slightly fewer pieces and well-designed straps it can actually be donned and doffed 20% faster than a similar suit of plate mail.

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