One Spot #1 The Painted Man

My man Fitz and the good folks behind Moebius are back with One Spot #1:  “The Painted Man“.  Check out Fitz’s “colorful” tavern filled with intriguing adventure ideas, cool NPCs, and featuring the art of yours truly and Jason “Banditt” Adams.  At this price, you’ll want to get the whole set! painted man final

Cloak and Dagger?

Why use a cloak when you can carry a shield?  The answer is simple…panache!  This one page pdf provides five 4E feats that you can use to capture the majestic and thrilling style of cloak and blade fighting.  Enjoy and en garde! Cloak and Blade Fighting

First Official Interview

Brian Fitzpatrick of is a class guy and has done the unthinkable…he’s dipped inside the mind of yours truly.  Presenting my first interview focusing on Escape Velocity Gaming here.


Brian thanks for your time and the great questions…a terrifically enjoyable experience!

Calendar time!

Time to pick up a new calendar as the new year is about a month away.  I can heartily recommend this one

Trust me…my man Billiam Babble has done it again!

Time to Hit the Garage!

WCP’s Monstrous Garage is finally done.  Six monsters that can easily become sixty.  Tons of options for adding and subtracting abilities, traits, and attacks for the monsters included.  The pdf also contains advice on converting your own monsters and ways to make the monsters slightly more or less powerful.  Volume 1 is on sale now with more to follow.  Here’s a look at the amazing cover with art by Daniel Olsen….

Perfect Timing

One of my best friends in the gaming industry, one Billiam Babble of Great Britain, has produced a terrific overview of our products and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed, delighted, and gobsmacked.  Thanks for your effort my friend and your salute to our work. The timing couldn’t be better because the end of October is going to be truly epic for Escape Velocity Gaming as is coming…soon….


Find the full overview here….

The Malicious Moth Invasion Has Begun!

The newest Escape Velocity Gaming monster product is out now!  Check out just one of the six fully-detailed monstrous moths available in Malicious Moths…it’s our level 10 solo Faunus Moth illustrated by Cumberland’s own Sarah J. Salmon-Cooper!