Author: WCP

If Larry King Commented on D&D

With apologies to Mr. King himself and ESPN the Magazine (who does an “If Larry King wrote for us” shtick).

Don’t know about you but I figure these ‘fortune cards’ are gonna be the biggest thing to hit D&D since THACO.  I just made fifth level in my weekend campaign…25 more levels and Orcus is goin’ down!      Have you seen how well the essentials mage tanks?  Trust me take the feats you need and have him slap on some plate mail…you won’t regret it.     I’m not sure what to think but I hear they got Ernie Gygax to write 5th edition- might just be a rumor though.      Have you squared off against the purple worm in the Monster Vault boxed set yet?  We’ve been TPK’ed six times….’course starting over with first level characters each time might have something to do with it.      Adventurer’s Vault 3, WOTC finally debuts the ‘hardheaded packmule’ (level 3 soldier), you heard it here first!    Is it just me or is there a TON of water in the Desert of Athas terrain tiles?  Well that’s it for now, I’m off to use the DDI character builder to put together my half-goliath, half-drow multi-class bard/starlock!

City Slices I is here!

In case you haven’t seen City Slices I: Marketplace Fun is selling like crazy at  30 adventure bits with marketplace stalls, food vendors, skill challenges and more.  Optimized for 4E but the fluff works with any fantasy rpg.  Check it out!

Love Kobold Slingers?

If you love the little pot-slinging bastards as much as I do head on over to the freebies section for 8 new pots to bash your players with!

Sophistication Stinks

I don’t mean to sound arrogant but my players and I have become more sophisticated in our gaming tastes and styles. I think it’s a natural progression. In middle school, I as the DM, used to hastily scrawl maps on graph paper on the bus on the way home….some random encounter charts and a few traps sprinkled in and we are off and gaming!

Burn Out….what a pain…

Burn Out……the bane of every creative person out there. I’ve been suffering from it massively as of late, and that’s the reason for the hiatus in updating this site as well as lack of new products beyond Vexing Sands.

I realized I had to get “back in the saddle” so to speak so this is a first step. I’m going to address some of the ways to fight “burn-out”, “writer’s block”, whatever you wish to call it.

Ready for some desert tiles?

Escape Velocity has teamed up with incredible U.K. artist Billiam Babble to produce, Vexing Sands, a collection of “desert details” for use with any fantasy rpg system! Check it out at!

What’s Next?

Haunting Trio is now available! Three free 4e monsters each illustrated and each in the newest stat block format! Check it out at!