Plate Mail to go?

Check this out for the next time your PC needs to carry plate mail without actually using it. Escape Velocity Gaming presents the PLATE PACK by William C. Pfaff This item isn’t for everybody. 1) Does your GameMaster make you … Continued

Back from GenCon 2015

Gen Con was another tremendous event and the volunteers there are so underrated.  What did Lindsay and I pick up?  Glad you asked.   #1 Gothic Doctor from Meltdown Games is going to be the next big thing that no … Continued

Receding to the (RPG) Campfire

I was recently running through some of my favorite rpg blogs which includes Telecanter’s Receding Rules ( Telecanter was discussing making the old classic campfire scene more meaningful. I immediately understood what he was trying to accomplish and I loved … Continued

Fright Fest: Taking a break from gaming to enjoy some music.

Fright Fest 2013 ripped like a gale force wind through a chilly Pittsburgh, Pa on Friday October 25th.  The Altar Bar on Penn Avenue provided just enough space for 400-plus juggalos and juggalettes who crowded into the standing room-only venue … Continued

One Spot #1 The Painted Man

My man Fitz and the good folks behind Moebius are back with One Spot #1:  “The Painted Man“.  Check out Fitz’s “colorful” tavern filled with intriguing adventure ideas, cool NPCs, and featuring the art of yours truly and Jason “Banditt” … Continued

Enter the Ooze Pits

Here’s a link to a terrific Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure with my review. More terrific work from the amazing crew at Purple Sorcerer.

Totally Awesome Stamps

Just got this set of fantasy art stamps from Australia (thanks MOM!) by the amazing Aaron Pocock   

Cloak and Dagger?

Why use a cloak when you can carry a shield?  The answer is simple…panache!  This one page pdf provides five 4E feats that you can use to capture the majestic and thrilling style of cloak and blade fighting.  Enjoy and … Continued