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Don’t let the title fool you. The Crucible of Classic Critters is far more than a mere menagerie of monsters; it’s mostly a manual for maximizing your merriment! (whew…enough of that… I’ll leave the alliteration to the always erudite and entertaining expositor Erick N. Bouchard. In all seriousness, I won’t bury the lede. This book… Read more »

A review by William C. Pfaff For so many of us, young and old, we never lose our love of fantasy role-playing games. But Dungeons & Dragons sometimes takes a backseat to “Priorities & Paychecks” the less than fun game of life and responsibility. What to do when you can’t get the gang together and… Read more »

Check this out for the next time your PC needs to carry plate mail without actually using it. Escape Velocity Gaming presents the PLATE PACK by William C. Pfaff This item isn’t for everybody. 1) Does your GameMaster make you maintain some semblance of encumbrance rules? 2) Do civilized communities look askance at murder hobos… Read more »

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